Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sesame (Til)

Increases virility, destroys excessive wind, humor in the body (Flatulence) causes phlegm and bile, gives vitality cures excessive urination.

  • If a child has the problem of wetting his bed then giving a handful of black sesame after removing its skin daily will cure this problem, it also cures burning sensation while urinating.
  • If a woman has painful menstrual discharge does not have a smooth menstrual discharge then boiling 12 grams of sesame in water, and when only one fourth of that water is left if it is given to her mixed with raw sugar then it has curative effects on all these problems.
  • Mixing honey with powdered sesame, powdered barley, and sugar and if this is taken by a pregnant woman or after the birth of a child stops haemorrhage.
  • Sesame seeds boiled in briar-milk (milk of the wild rose) and drinking it stops unnecessary and undesired flow of semen and cures impotency.
  • Chewing black sesame seeds followed by little water strenghthen's the teeth gives vitality to the body and cures bleeding piles.
  • Sesame seeds crushed to powder and vayvidang powder (medicated herbs) in milk and then putting this paste on the head cures Hemi-crania (Pain in the side of the head).
  • If very old solid drugs of sesame seed are crushed in cow's urine and the paste thus acquired is applied on the face, it cures pimples.

Note: Taking sesame in the spring season, summer season and autumn season, is harmful. It can cause multinatured problems like phlegra, bile, cold, fever impurities of the blood problems of the throat eye disease and diabetes.

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