Saturday, January 2, 2010


Lemon is very beneficial in numerous diseases like flatulation, vomit, excessive bile humor in the body, consumption, controlling dysentery, destroying worms in the stomach, clearing out the effects of poison from the body, cough and phlegmatic disease. It is also an excellent appetizer.trengthens the bone.

The lemon is used variedly from delicious pickle to its use as medicines.
  • The lemon juice kills those germs, which cause disease. Therefore it should be used by everybody.
  • The lemon is very beneficial in "Malaria". It is also very beneficial in the disease related with bile humor. It is also a very good refreshner, energizer which drives away the tiredness from a long journey.
  • Small pieces of lemon mixed with powdered black pepper and powdered dry ginger and kept in the sunlight has a great medicinal properties and cures indigestion, excessive formation of saliva in the mouth and tastelessness.
  • If pieces of lemon sprinkled with rock salt are sucked before a meal, it cures indigestion.
  • The uneasiness felt by being under the sun for along time vanishes if a glass of cold water mixed with lemon juice is take.
  • Drinking a glass of water mixed with sugar and lemon juice cures the inflammation due to the formation of excessive bile in the body.
  • Sucking the pieces of lemon sprinkled with sugar on it stops vomit due to the in taking of improper food.
  • Drinking two spoonful of lemon juice mixed with one spoonful of ginger juice and some sugar, cures stomach aches of all kinds.
  • Pain in the throat gets cured if lemon juice is taken.
  • Cold and coryza gets cured if a glass of water mixed with lemon juice and, either some salt or some sugar is taken for 5-6 times a day.Chronic coryza gets cured if a glass of water mixed with lemon juice is taken for some days before going to sleep in the night.
  • Lemon juice and powdered black pepper mixed in water cures disease connected with liver.
  • Mixing 3 gms of lemon juice in 12 gms of honey cures severe cough and is beneficial in controlling bouts of asthma.
  • Rock salt or mineral salt mixed in lemon juice if taken regularly for some days is beneficial in "stone" problem.
  • Honey mixed in lemon juice if given to small children stops their vomit of milk.
  • If half crushed seeds of lemon are rubbed on the navel and then cold water is poured over it, blocked urine of children is cleared out smoothly.
  • Rubbing lemon juice on the gums cures the bleeding of gum.
  • One spoonful of lemon juice and two spoonful of honey mixed in a warm glass of water if taken daily in the morning on empty stomach helps in loosing weight and the body becomes trim and nice in shape.

Note: The lemon is considered to be the destroyer of all the three faults i.e. phlegm, wind and bile. People having weak liver should try to avoid having lemon because it causes weakness and numb feeling in their hands and feet. If the use of lemon is still continued then it may cause fever.

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