Sunday, January 10, 2010


Horse gram is sharp, bitter and hot. It is beneficial in cough breathing problem due to phlegms, flatulation, hicups, stones and fever. It also eliminates germs and worms. It causes impurities of bile and blood. It also causes inflammation and checks sweating.

  • Drinking semi liquid solution of horse gram powder cures flatulation.
  • If horse beans mixed with powdered dry ginger, asafoetida and "veed salt" is taken it cures the pain of the stomach.
  • If it is used in food it cures disease of the stomach.
  • If the water in which horse gram had been soaked for the whole night (and is mashed in the same water in the morning) is taken daily, taken twice then it cures "stones".
  • The use of horse gram in the diet relieves the pain of dry piles.
  • Drinking the semi liquid mixture of powdered horse gram and powdered black pepper cures sore throat.
  • Its use in the diet is good for women as their menstruation is purified.

Note: It is harmful for pregnant woman, or a person suffering from plethora or tuberculosis. It also causes the formation of excessive bile.

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  1. Yes. I have tried this wonderful gram and have reaped its benefits. It kept my body warm and brisk.